September 19-20

Oakledge Park, Burlington, VT

Eat X NE Eat X NE

ExNE is FREE. Right? 

YES! ExNE is FREE and all are welcome. Entry to the festival is free. All live music is free. All of the Go Local Sessions are free. The Kids’ Zone is free. There will be free food samples and recipe ideas from sponsors like the Farmhouse Group, South End Kitchen, Healthy Living, and City Market.

OK, so then why are you selling tickets? 

Certain events offer samplings that you can purchase in advance: the Brewhaha, the Beer & Chocolate Tasting, Local Food Meets Beer and the Great Harvest Supper.  The free festival will happen simultaneously with these events.

Can I still get a beer if I don’t go to the Brewhaha? 

Of course you can! Beer, wine and cider will be available throughout the festival from Zero Gravity, Queen City, Citizen Cider, and Boyden Valley Winery.

Where can I park? 

First off, we strongly recommend walking or biking to Oakledge Park for this festival. If you must drive, we have three designated parking lots that are offsite from Oakledge Park but close enough to be an easy walk. The three parking lots are located at Champlain Elementary School, Select Design, and the Innovation Center. Limited shuttle service will run from these nearby lots but walking from your vehicle is encouraged. Please note that parking onsite will only be available for vendors and handicap persons. Again, If you live locally, please walk or ride your bike. There will be free secure bike parking courtesy of Local Motion!

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Did you just say there is FREE bike parking? That’s amazing! Why would I even bother driving?

Yes. Yes we did say that.  Thanks to our friends at the Outdoor Gear Exchange, you can bike on up and trust us with your two-wheeled friends all weekend. More info can be found here. And no, we don’t know why you would drive.

How are you planning to raise $20,000 for local food non-profits? 

Our beloved volunteers will be helping us to collect donations at the entry, at the Go Local Sessions, during the music events, and in the donation station in the non-profit village. Please donate whatever you can afford.

Who benefits from my donation and why? 

Good question! 100% of the money you give goes to 4 local non-profits: the Intervale, Slow Food Vermont, the Vermont Community Garden Network, and Vermont FEED. These organizations are crucial both to our local food movement and to making this event possible. Representatives from these groups are helping to teach the Go Local Sessions and have added energy and enthusiasm. Without them, we would not have the local food scene that we are here to celebrate.

Can I volunteer? 

You sure can and we would really appreciate it!

You have the distinctive opportunity to be part of the EatxNE Production Team. Volunteers are eligible for various benefits including shirts, festival swag, Great Harvest Dinner tickets, and drink tickets! Most importantly, every volunteer will share in the success of this ambitious fundraising event – you’re making a significant contribution to the local foods movement and no task will go unnoticed!

Volunteers needed for: Parking, Donation collection, Food Service, Clean up, Set up, Workshop monitoring, Kids fun, and more…. Sign up here and thank you!

Cash, credit, or funny money tokens? 

We will be accepting cash and there will be an ATM on site.

What happens if it rains?

This is Vermont; a little bit of rain doesn’t scare us!  This is an all weather event. There’s plenty of tents and covered areas on site. The music headliners, Go Local Sessions, and the Great BBQ Supper are covered, so don’t let the rain scare you away. And skin is waterproof anyway.

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